The Recycled Candle Company - Theology 5-wick candle

The Recycled Candle Company - Theology 5-wick candle

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100% recycled.  .
Handmade in Devon. 

Made in the UK

Our concept is a simple one:
With the ever-increasing costs of commercial and non-commercial waste disposal, we offer to collect your scrap candle wax and take it away to be recycled and given new life.
 Everything about this business is environmentally sound. 
Scented with  Theology fragrance this evokes the fragrances the guys at TRCC have always tied to their spirituality, mixing frankincense, oud, camphor, and benzoin, blending them into a familiar soul-warming fragrance.. 
 Dimensions - 100mm x 380mmØ — Burn Time -  40 - 60 hours (dependant on recycled wax)
Huge 5 wick scented candle , beautiful subtle fragrance this is ideal to fill a very large space .